Copy preserving folder structure

Hi all
I'm trying to copy larger structure folder from one remote to new remote. I'm facing a difficulty when copying that folder.
As a Example my source folder contains multiple directories.

| text1.txt
| text2.txt
| text3.txt
| text4.txt
| text5.txt
| text6.txt

when I issue rclone copy -P source:/test/a destination:out
It ONLY copy the text files excluding folder structure. I want to keep the same folder structure in the destination folder also.
Any Ideas to solve this issue

hello and welcome to the forum,

based on that post, for source:/test/a, there are no folders, just three .txt files
so if you want to copy all the flies and folders
rclone copy -P source:/test destination:out --create-empty-src-dirs -v --dry-run

and rclone has a rclone tree command

rclone tree .
├── a
├── b
└── c

Hi thanks for the quick reply I tried the above solution but that didn't work. I'm looking for a command like cp -r
that copies everything from a large directory which includes all the subfolders and files.

that is what rclone copy does, recursive copy from source to dest.

based on your command, you are copying a single folder named a, that has not sub folders
and without posting the exact commands and log files, hard to understand what you need help with.

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