Copy or Move Droplet Files to Space Digital ocean

Hi, Is there any way I can move or copy my images from digital ocean Droplet to Space?

You mean images as in pictures? If so rclone will work well for that.

Or do you mean VM Images?

Thanks for reply, I just want to move all uploaded images from droplet to space. If possible then plz tell me how or else share some link from where i can learn.


1: download images from droplet ( via ftp )
2: Upload to space

Why make it more difficult than it has to be.
The time you spent getting to know rclone vs doing the 2 steps above… well you do the math :slight_smile:

But it take lots of time first download an then upload file.

There is a section in the docs about how to set up spaces with rclone

Assuming you’ve got the images in a folder on your droplet then it will be really easy to upload them to spaces from there using rclone.