Copy only Subdirectories in Folder to Gsuite Folder

I’m trying to understand rclone copy usage. I have an existing folder on my gdrive called folder_a and I only want to copy the children subfolders of folder_b on my local machine but when running a dry run it keeps saying the folder doesn’t exist. See below command:

rclone copy --dry-run -v --transfers=10 /media/Disk_a/Folder_b/ gdrive:Folder_c/Folder_a/

I only want the files in folder_b to be copied. So essentially /media/Disk_a/Folder_b/*
But again this is what I get from a dry run:

2017/06/03 01:01:38 INFO : Google drive root ‘Folder_c/Folder_a’: Modify window is 1ms
2017/06/03 01:01:38 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘Folder_c/Folder_a’: Not making directory as dry run is set

When I run “rclone lsd gdrive:Folder_c/Folder_a/” it is able to correctly list the current files so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!