Copy of config producing listing error for crypt

I am trying to migrate my server from a local to cloud based server and I have tried both Google Compute and Bytesized Hosting, both produce the same error. I use WinSCP to push my rclone.conf from my Windows PC over to the server. I already have the same conf file on 2 windows PCs without issue.

I can run rclone config on the remote server and it acknowledges all of the remotes (encrypted and not). When I lsd the non-encrypted remotes I can view them without issue but when I try to lsd or mount an encrypted one I receive the errors below. Does anyone know what I'm missing?

2019/06/08 02:43:36 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found
2019/06/08 02:43:36 Failed to lsd: directory not found

Figured it out. The back slash vs forward slash got me.

Windows likes \ and linux likes /.

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