Copy local to Google shared-with-me folder duplication

Hi Everyone,

I've been struggling with this for 3 hours, and was hoping someone could tell me what I am doing wrong. I just want to copy files from my local machine to a backup directory on a Google drive that has been shared with me. I've read this page several times and can't understand it:

What I'm trying to run is the following:

rclone copy ./$name "Google_Backup,shared_with_me":test/abc1
rclone copy ./$name "Google_Backup,shared_with_me":test/abc2

What I want is a single folder called test, with files abc1, abc2, ...
What I get is multiple folders named test.

I've spent hours going through several variations, and can't make anything work. Can someone suggest a configuration that will do what I want? Thank you for any assistance.

Run the command 'rclone version' and share the full output of the command.

rclone version reports:

rclone v1.64.2
- os/version: ubuntu 18.04 (64 bit)
- os/kernel: 5.4.0-150-generic (x86_64)
- os/type: linux
- os/arch: amd64
- go/version: go1.21.3
- go/linking: static
- go/tags: none

rclone config redacted reports the following:

type = drive
scope = drive
root_folder_id = XXX
token = XXX
team_drive = 

I have set a root folder ID inside the shared-with-me drive to prevent access outside this folder.

(Side note: the root folder ID doesn't seem to be respected in all cases. "copy" respects this restriction. But "ls" seems to ignore it. I don't think that is related to this issue though.)

Here is the output of rclone -vv copy ./$name "Google_Backup,shared_with_me":test/abc2

2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.64.2" starting with parameters ["rclone" "-vv" "copy" "./2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz" "Google_Backup,shared_with_me:test/abc2"]
2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "./2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz"
2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : Using config file from "/home/chris/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : fs cache: adding new entry for parent of "./2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz", "/disk1/lost+found/#88211457/dumps"
2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "Google_Backup,shared_with_me:test/abc2"
2023/11/13 14:11:16 DEBUG : Google_Backup: detected overridden config - adding "{ysOIc}" suffix to name
2023/11/13 14:11:17 DEBUG : fs cache: renaming cache item "Google_Backup,shared_with_me:test/abc2" to be canonical "Google_Backup{ysOIc}:test/abc2"
2023/11/13 14:11:17 DEBUG : 2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz: Need to transfer - File not found at Destination
2023/11/13 14:11:22 DEBUG : 2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz: md5 = fdae1ba9b0a9fbdeefba17cba7daf9a4 OK
2023/11/13 14:11:22 INFO  : 2023-07-14T07:00:01+07:00.tar.xz: Copied (new)
2023/11/13 14:11:22 INFO  : 
Transferred:   	  645.219 KiB / 645.219 KiB, 100%, 161.258 KiB/s, ETA 0s
Transferred:            1 / 1, 100%
Elapsed time:         6.1s

2023/11/13 14:11:22 DEBUG : 7 go routines active

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