Copy Gdrive folder by ID to another Gdrive folder

I have lots of team drives, themselves having lots of files. So I use Gdrive’s web app to find the folder ID of a folder I want. Now I want to copy this folder to a specific team drive (again by its ID).

I already have two Gdrive remotes set up, one for my normal drive and another for this destination team drive.

I am thinking of sth along the lines of:

rclone copy normal: --drive-root-folder-id ID-OF-FOLDER-TO-BE-COPIED dest:

However, by my understanding, this wouldn’t work because the root ID of the dest remote would change as well.

You are correct. You can either put the root_folder_id config into the remote config or use an environment variable

rclone copy normal: dest:

I have a vague plan for making remotes like dest,root_folder_id=KKJHKJHKJHKHJ: which would fix it or make a general purpose --backend-config remote:config=parameter flag which might be useful so you could do --backend-config normal:drive_root_folder_id=LKJLKJLKLJ

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