Copy from specific subdirectories

Hi all,

I am trying to copy few files from many subdirectories. I need most of them to be ignored so I played with include/exclude options and filters but dry-run still listed files what should not be.

Folder structure is follow on source:

As you can see I have wildcarded directories. There is not a lot of them but then I have also months, days, hours as a folder names and this increase number of directories.

I tried to use for example:
--filter '+ y=2021/m=01/d=29/h=10/m=00//file' --filter ' - *'

but debug mode still show also another folders
y=2020/m=12/d=03/h=07/m=00/file: Excluded

Is there any way how to filter only files defined in include or filter option? Otherwise it will take a lot of time for listing. Also not sure how this will affect transactions.

DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.45"
Storage: Azure

Thank you!

hello and welcome to the forum,

that version is years old, update here

filters can be very confusing.

rclone filters files, not directories.
for a given source path, rclone will visit each and every subfolder, looking for files to include and exclude.
so a listing can take a lot of time.

if the source is local, then there are no transactions.

Thank you for feedback.
I just installed older version from stable repo for Debian. I had also installed latest version but as first tests works with both I kept older version.

So filters will not help me to "target" better needed files. Source is in the cloud, so now I am not sure if this will not touch also "Cold" storage.
If there is some hint how to achieve best results please share.

i am not an expert on filtering.

not sure what you mean about touching the storage.
rclone will have to read a list of files, which will use API calls.
you can reduce that using --fast-list

try to enclose text with backticks so we can see the exact folder structure.

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