Copy from one rclone remote to another

Good morning from England. I am a newbie so please be gentle.

I am running rclone on my linux laptop (kubuntu). I have three remotes set up in rclone: onedrive, google drive and dropbox.

I would like to copy some folders from googledrive to onedrive. Can I do this with rclone? If so, then how do I do it?

Many thanks for a great programme.


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You can use rclone copy:

rclone copy onedrive:somefolder googledrive:

Thanks. But forgive me I am new to both linux and rclone.

I just tried this with a folder containing a small file (took a long time) but it didn’t work. I must be being stupid.

I want to copy from googledrive to onedrive. I have more than one googledrive account. So they are named differently. The googledrive concerned (the one on my rclone , is called bobgoogle. I have a folder in there with my daughter’s wedding photos. I want to copy them to onedrive (I have 100GB). The folder on ‘bobgoogle’ is called ‘weddingphotos’.

Do I do the following:

1 open ‘konsole’ terminal
2 just type: 'rclone copy bobgoogle:weddingphotos onedrive:

Do I need sudo-apt or anything like that?
Also does the copy process create the new folder called ‘weddingphotos’ onto onedrive? Or must I create it first?
Finally is the ‘path’ correct. Or do I need to use ‘:/’

I am not particularly computer literate and I found the documentation difficult to understand and ambiguous. It would be helpful if it contained a simple example of the type I am having problems with. Copying a folder from one drive to another.

Many thanks again for your kind help


rclone is a bit tough as it’s a command line tool with a lot of options and quite a lot of power to it.

The first part is you need to create your own client ID/API Key for Google.

and re-enter your information in rclone config with the new information.

You don’t need to create any folders or anything like that as it does that all by itself.

If you add a -P to the end of your command, you can it is doing stuff as the defaults are not quite a lot of output.


rclone copy bobgoogle:weddingphotos onedrive: -P 

should be ok once you make a key.

Many thanks again but I think I already did that when I set up. I am using the Graphical User interface version on linux.

In setting up I did the thing of logging into google etc.

And the google drive and dropbox drive and onedrive all appear on my rclone browser.

Do I have to do as you say as well?

I uploaded this image of my gui in rclone:

Sorry I missed out the top bit of the image which includes my googledrive. But you get the picture.

Many thanks


Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with rclone browser as I don’t use it nor have much idea how it works.

I only use the command line and that is how I use rclone.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to do this using the GUI for rclone?


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