Copy from one encrypted storage to another

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

is there a way to copy one mounted storage to another?
mount1: and mount2:
both are encrypted by crypt with different keys

you would copy the files the same way you would copy files between any two remotes.
rclone copy mount1: mount2:

in this case, for each file, rclone will have to

  • download the file from mount1:
  • decrypt the file
  • re-crypt the file using passwords from mount2: remote
  • upload to mount2:
    to be clear, rclone will download/upload the file in chunks.
    rclone does not need to fully download the file before starting to upload it to another remote.

if both remotes used the same passwords then this is the best way.

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Is there any disadvantage using webdav?

yes, there are a few major disadvantages, which is why i avoid webdav.
as per rclone docs, webdav over IceDrive does not support

  • modtimes
  • hashes, to verify the integrity of file transfers.
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I'm using --no-modtime anyway, also size based integrity check is good enough for me.
Is there any issue with uploading/downloading/sync in webdav?

Regarding to sync, I did setup the second mount with same password and now using sync option as you recommended.

It's quite a large data and my Internet it takes around 15h (according to output), is it okay if I stop (ctrl+c) the sync and launch again tomorrow morning?
Will it damage progress other than currently syncing files?

Yes, you can Ctrl+c. And run sync at a later time. No worry about damage to files.

Also another type of integrity is that the files are transferred using https protocol

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