Copy first, sync later

I have kind of a follow on question from the question asked in this post:

Sorry for my noob-ery. I have a massive copy going from a FreeNAS box (within a jail) to Google Drive. Will be 7 TB in total, and about 2 TB backed up as of this post (21 hours so far). The cpu started getting a little toasty, which is a first, so I’m considering shutting the system down to inspect the heatsink situation.

  • If i stop the rclone copy and shutdown, can I start a rclone sync later on, targeting the same source and destination directories, and have rclone basically pick up where the copy left off (once is scans both locations to compare files, I presume)?


Yes, rclone will pick up just fine.

(Sorry for slow reply!)

No worries, thanks for responding. I rolled the dice and it worked great! This has proved to be an amazing tool for us!

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If I’m not mistaken, you could have just restarted a copy and been fine as well. Sync only makes the remote match the source. In other words it adds or deletes to make them match. Copy also checks what’s there, then uploads what’s missing, but won’t delete. I personally only use copy, in my crontabs and stuff, then only manually run syncs when I know the local data is good and I want them… Well… Synced.

That way if I lose something local, and don’t realize for awhile, I can recover it.

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Very sensible!

Hopefully for the next release we’ll have --backup-dir DIR which instead of deleting or overwriting stuff will place it in DIR.