Copy files from local to remote and make the files into a linux format ( lower case the names )

Drop by to check if there is any built-in flag that forces the copy to rename the files/dirs into lowercase during the copy?
For example (we all love examples to understand each other :grin: ):
rclone copy C:\local\windows\path aws_s3:/bucket_name/new_path
For this example let's say C:\local\windows\path looks like that:

and I want the result in my aws_s3:/bucket_name/new_path to look like this:

I've looked on --local-case-sensitive& --local-case-insensitive but not sure what the meaning of force to report
Any help here will be thankful.

*By the way - I also like to avoid special charters or spaces, but I don't thing we have flag for that.

No there isn't.

These tell rclone to treat the local file system as "case sensitive" (eg like most Linux file systems) or "case insensitive" (like most Windows file systems).

The rclone way would be to use one of those flags rather than downcasing all the file names.

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