Copy but don't overwrite

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I it’s just me who can’t find it in the docs or if this is not implemented in rclone.
I was looking for the copy switch not to overwrite files, but rename the old-existing ones and copy the new ones over. Does such function exist?

I was thinking to get my sync’ed data cloned in ACD and keep it up to date in the way I described above.

PS: The reason why I wanted to try such way is because I’m looking to keep part of my data backed up twice in ACD (About 2TB). I’m sure that Amazon has turned de-duplication on anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


There is this

  --ignore-existing                   Skip all files that exist on destination

Which probably isn’t exactly what you want

It will do shortly - I’m planning to implement something similar in which is planned for the next release. If you subscribe to that issue, you’ll get a notification about when the feature is ready.

rclone asks amazon not to deduplicate files. Whether it does or not I don’t know!

Awesome, thanks! I subscribed to the issue.

I’m really new to rclone and do not have the chance atm to look at it but, if I use the --ignore-existing can I also enable a sort of verbose output to a log file which will tell me what’s been skipped (and its full path)?
If so (I’m on Windows), I could look at implementing a workaround in powershell by manually renaming the files the way I want them and then uploading the changed ones.

Indeed the issue you posted is more or less what I’m trying to achieve (incremental backups, keeping all file versions).