Copy between google drives

I’ve been playing with rclone, plexguide, cloudbox etc for 6-8 weeks now and finally found a solution that works best for me to meet my plex and content delivery needs.

But now I have 3 google drives that I’m trying to consolidate my data down to one…
2 are team drives and one is a standard google drive on an enterprise account.

I need to copy the data from teh two team drives to my ent google drive…
I will setup a google feeder “GCE” and use rclone to mount the drives (two at a time)

I’m not concerned with it downloading/uploading the data as it’s “free” with google credits and google to google is super duper fast.

Should it be as simple as mounting team drive 1 as “gdrive1” and Enterprise as “edrive” and using rclone to copy? I can bulk move them to the correct Media folders after i get them to the Ent drive.

It should be this simple-?

Any switches to speed it up?

I’d just copy them and you are going to hit the 750GB limit if you don’t turn down the bandwidth.