Copy and server side copy without conflict

I intend to backup 24TB between two google drive accounts (GD-A and GD-B). I want to run the command server side copy from GD-A to GD-B (with 30 minutes I can transfer the 750GB daily) through cron - scheduled every day at 2am - and leave the normal copy command from GD-A to GD-B (8.5Mb/s to avoid quota excedded) running directly until the entire backup is complete. I ask, what should be the flags of the server side copy command that there is no conflict with the files being transferred with the normal copy command? Or do I not have to worry about it?

Server side copy: (via crontab)

copy gdteam-kdantas:  gdsmkn1: --fast-list --progress --max-backlog=999999 --drive-acknowledge-abuse -vv --drive-server-side-across-configs --log-file=/home/kdantas/rclonecron.log

Normal copy

copy gdteam-kdantas: gdsmkn1: --fast-list --progress --max-backlog=999999 --bwlimit=8.5M --drive-acknowledge-abuse -vv  --log-file=/home/kdantas/rclonecron.log

Once the normal copy has started it won't notice that the server side copy is copying stuff too. So you'll have to restart the normal copy after you've done the server side copy.

I don't know whether this will actually help with the quotas though!

Thanks @ncw for your answer. Since I have almost no knowledge of linux, could you tell me how to make this script:

  rclone copy normal is running


  stop rclone copy normal and run rclone server side copy

else if

  rclone server side copy is running




  run rclone copy normal (on screen session)

end if. 

Assuming you aren't running any other rclone's for any other purpose you could so

killall rclone
rlcone copy with server side
nohup rclone copy normal & >/dev/null 2>&1

Which kills all running rclones does the transfer then restarts the other transfer in the background.

Just one more doubt?

How can I guarantee that the command
nohup rclone copy normal & >/dev/null 2>&1
will only run after the command
rlcone copy with server side
has finished the transfer?

Put them all in one script file

Which looks like this

killall rclone
rlcone copy with server side
nohup rclone copy normal & >/dev/null 2>&1

And run that from the crontab. Don't forget to chmod a+x scriptfile

Perfect for me, who have very little knowledge in Linux. Thank you so much.

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