Converting Google Drive to Encrypted "Server Side"

This isn't a specific issue, but more of a question. I know that I can't do a direct server side copy from an unencrypted to an encrypted drive, but I am trying to come up with a way to do it "server-side"ish to avoid personally downloading and re-uploading the content.

My plan was to get a Google VM instance, and setup the rclone there. Since I believe all of the bandwidth would be free since it is within google. My question is has anyone ever tried this? Is there a way I can estimate how long it would take given a specific VM instance?


You can't encrypt server side is rclone is doing the encryption so it has to get downloaded and reuploaded.

You can use a Google Compute note, but you are still limited to the daily quotas from Google of 750GB upload per user.

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