Convert rclone mounted Google Drive to encrypted version?

I currently use rclone to mount my Google Drive on a VPS where I run PMS & on my local PMS. When I set up my Plex library on Google Drive I didn’t bother with encryption but now I think that it might be a good idea. Can anyone describe the process necessary to take my existing Plex library & end up with it all encrypted?

I am reconciled to having to create an encrypted mount then copy my library across then rebuilding my PMS but wonder if there are any short cuts to take or pit falls to avoid.

Any suggestion welcome.

I think you have it.

You pretty much create a second config / mount with it encrypted.

I’d personally just get a micro google compute instance and copy that way. One the instance, you can install rclone and basically run a rclone sync from A -> B with a bwlimit so you can just let it run until it finishes as you can get 750GB per day.

Once the sync is done, you can just swap in new mount on your VPS with old and that’s it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have over 40TB so staying below a 750GB/day limit would take over two months. Is that limit only within the same account from one directory to another or could it be advantageous to use another G Suite for Business & copy to that one?

I cannot get a feel for how much the Google Compute Instance would cost for this volume of traffic as the pricing tables are incomprehensible to me. What are the advantages of using a Google VM instead of the VM I already have which has unlimited bandwidth?

A micro compute instance would be just about pennies as if you are moving all Google, you pay nothing for the transfers.

If you have plenty of bandwidth, there is no reason to not run it local either as the 750GB a limit tends to be the cap. Folks have posted various ways on how to get around the limits but nothing I’m familiar with nor would I personally use.

There are a number of folks who said they’ve asked and got the 750GB limit removed, but again, I wasn’t feeling that either as I wasn’t of the mindset to draw them to check out my account :slight_smile:

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