Convert gdrive encrypted to not encrypted


I noticed, that google deletes my files within 9 days. I have 120TB of Twitch streams, that I have to download, which is not possible with the 10TB cap of download each day. So I thought about transfering the files with google takeout. The problem is, that I have the files on an encrypted folder.

Is it possible to encrypt the folder on the fly on the google remote?

Is it possible to move folders, to split them into smaller categories in my encrypted google drive so that then I can extract the folders with google takeout and make the files readable later on?

Is it possible to send files server side, gdrive encrypted to another google drive which is not encrypted? So that I have 750GB upload limit local and 750GB extra limitation server-server?

Thank you so much

You can move rclone encrypted data around without any issues. All or part (even one file or folder) can be decrypted later when needed. You can split and combine later - or not. Does not matter. Encryption is on a file level so as long as single file(s) stay intact all will be fine.

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Thank you kapitainsky!

When I export my encrypted data via google takeout, do you or someone else here know, if the exported data can be decrypted later on?

I thought, maybe the google takeout API does not count towards my download limitations.

Yes. As long as you put it back on some rclone crypt remote with the same password(s) as original all can be decrypted.

This I have no idea...

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