Convert from unencrypted GCD to crypt GCD?

Dear all.

My current setup is rclone 1.39 with Plexdrive 5.0 with an unencrypted gcd . Currently im copying all my data from gcd to gcdcrypt.

Once my copy is done, how to I convert my current setup to use encrypted GCD?

I want to keep all my libraries as they are, without have to rescan everything again. The folder setup on the encrypted is a copy of the unencrypted. So how do I proceed without have to rescan my entire libraries again?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just change the remote which is mounted when you restart the remote and everything should hopefully appear the same so not need a rescan :crossed_fingers:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gonna try it out


Just a question @ncw

I have to use rclone right to mount the encrypted gcd drive? Plexdrive cant do that ? Just a bit confused :slight_smile:

Thanks again .


Yes that is correct. So that might need a bit of config with rclone cache. There are lots of examples in the forum and people who can help you with that!

Thanks @ncw

Well the thing im struggling with is Plexdrive and rclone. :frowning:

I use rclone to send data encrypted to my gcd. Only want to use rclone as data transfer, no cache etc.
Do I need to create 3 drives?

  1. Googledrive connection
    2: gcrypt drive
    2: gdecrypt drive ( pointing to ie. /home/plex/mount ) ?

I get stuck since I dont know how to mount the system correctly. My Plex server can see the mounted folder, but its all encrypted. Im lost regarding the mounting options :frowning:




rclone cache is very stable. I ditched plexdrive over 4 months ago and haven’t looked back.

You should consider switching, it’ll be less complicated. Just create a cache remote and point it to your google drive remote and mount the new cache remote and point plex to that.

As @ncw mentioned, lots of examples on the forums.

You’ll want to ensure you have your base Google drive remote, then your cache and then your crypt pointing to your cache. Then you mount the crypt remote and it’ll all fall into place

Thanks for the info @Stokkes

I just recall users having ban issues with the google drive?

But yea maybe I should give it a go then . I just dont want to be banned on my account.

Dont know where to start argh :confused:

I have not had a ban in 4 months of using rclone cache

@Stokkes May I ask how you made your setup? Are you using encryption? And can you maybe share your mount details ? I have a server at Hetzner with 1GB. 64GB memory and ssd drives in raid 0 .

Have aprox 15 users .