Control the exact location of the VFS cache directory

I would like to control the exact location of the VFS cache directory.
Currently, VFS will create two sub-directories in the folder specified by --cache-dir, namely vfs and vfsMeta. I would like to point to existing vfs and vfsMeta folders.

The context use case is to populate the local cache with files on the local system. For example, consider a remote file system contains files a,b and c. On my computer I already have files a and b in some folder /myfolder. If I then have a union mount between the remote and /myfolder, when c will be accessed (with VFS caching) it will be downloaded into a separate folder. Ideally, I'd like c downloaded directly into /myfolder, serving as a sort of persistent cache, that can be populated from arbitrary sources (including, but not limited to, VFS caching)

Is this possible maybe in some other way that I missed?

Not sure I'm fully following as the cache-dir can't be shared between multiple instances of rclone as it's should be a 1 to 1 location as it wasn't built to be 'multi tenant'.

If you use the cache mode writes/full, cache-dir controls the location for the files to be stored. You shouldn't share that location with another instance of rclone.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Right, so I'm not looking to do any sharing concurrently.
Another way of asking is how would I use some already existing files on my local storage to both serve as an initial VFS cache, and also as something I can "keep" after rclone is terminated.

The cache doesn't go away when you stop/start rclone. It's persistent and only empties files based on your configuration.

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