Continue sync-ing

hi again,
sorry for hammering with many question,
but my tests (dry-run) show me some problems…

I’m on linux, and I’d like to crypt-sync to googledrive.

My problem is that my huge work area has sometimes broken symlinks…
I want rclone to follow the links, but I’d like that it would keep on syncing even if it finds some broken symlink… instead it seems to stop.

There is some workaround, apart not using -L ?

If I had to develop a work around here given the current rclone. I’d use a find command to generate an exclude list before rclone runs. Then reference that exclude script in the rclone sync.

Something like this?
find . -xtype l -fprint exludefile
rclone exclude-from=excludefile

first type I heard about xtype - sweet!