Continous mp3 file streaming

Hello, I am using google drive for storage. Maybe my question can not be relevant RCLONE but i came here to get advice. I am using Liquidsoap(Audio and Video steaming language)

What i try to do;

Liquidoap is recording input audio to a file. file name is recording.mp3, this file size continously increasing and i upload this file to drive(every second i upload this file to drive), then i download this file to another device(every second i download this file). Everything is okay until now. Then i play this downloading file. After 3 or 4 minutes, playing return to beginning, i mean it is not continue. I think that it is about EOF but i have no idea how to fix it

this command is for uploading;

     rclone copy --ignore-checksum /home/pi/recording mydrive:

this command is for downloading;

 rclone copy drive:/10/28/ /home/pi/Music2/
 sudo rsync --progress -tr /home/pi/Music2/ /home/pi/Music/

(After download, i use rsync because sometimes "rclone copy" command deleting destination file if my destination file size bigger than 0kb)

If you take rclone out of the mix, a copy just makes a copy of a file from a point in time.

If the file is changing, you can't really copy it. You'd have to find a different bit level solution maybe? I'm not sure here as you'd generally use software to stream that and it's not file based.

Actually copy process working, when i check downloaded file is matching or not with recording.mp3 file, it is okay. Liquidsoap append every 4 seconds incoming audio to recording.mp3 file. I am uploading recording.mp3 file to drive, while liquidsoap append to file.
For example if i play mp3 file 5 or 10 minutes after downloading, this time playing return take 8-9 minutes.

It is file based, actually i can do direct stream over the IP address but this is not what i want for now because i have to buffer incoming audio data

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