Confused flags (GSUITE Mount for Plex)


first of all: Please know that I did research and I did google for a very good amount of time. Plenty of stuff with flags seem confusing to me, many different opinions etc.

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I just get the feeling that I read different opinions, outdated stuff and everyone is saying different stuff regarding the flags used. For example some don't use RCLONE to mount for that Purpose but Plexmount. Some other say that Plexmount sucks and you should in fact use RCLONE.
Some Mount it Read-Only because it's safer, some other claim this causes issues.
All in short: I'm confused when it comes to the flags.

I figured it might be better if I ask here, before I screw something up. I thank everyone who is willing to help me out!

Details to my Server:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Old Laptop with an i5 CPU and 4 GB ram. Nothing fancy but it is enough for me.
  • I have an encrypted rclone setup on GSUITE. I am able to Mount it on my System with a simple Mount Command.

Current Storage Setup:

  • Everything is locally on a HDD and Plex scans the Directorys. The Classic way if you want to.

What I'd like to (optimal setup):

  • Mount my Cloud Storage whenever I start the server on the Server and let Plex Scan it (regulary?)
  • Being able to add new stuff in an encrypted way to my cloud storage (I currently use a Sync-Command every now and then)
  • Only use the local HDDs to prepare new content for the upload.
  • Everything under the aspect of not recieving a Ban from Google.

I hope to get some help here. Thank you so much.


I think you mean plexdrive as the other option for mounting, which works pretty well too but doesn't offer that solid delete support. I always say to use what works best for you.

I use Plex and all my settings are explained here:

Did you have a starting point or something you wanted to test out?

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thanks for your response.

So if I understand you right I'd only need to setup a service which starts rclone with the mount parameters as shown here:

I'm a bit concerned what I should change if I run into issues. My Laptop is with 4GB ram and an i5 CPU kind of weak.

Don't get me wrong I just usually want to understand the Commands before I use them and how to troubleshoot if anything happens.

Is there a specific flag you had a question on?

If you want to test a mount, you can start with defaults for pretty much everything and go from there.

I'm just worried that the cache size/duration might be too long/big. I also use the laptop for different server related stuff like Storage, Pi-Hole etc.

I'm mailny concerned about the RAM usage. Is the Cache going to Clutter up plenty of it?

There's nothing stored locally on disk via rclone unless you are using the cache backend.

For RAM, you'd want to set a size for --buffer-size to be something that you want x amount of MB used per file opened. So if you plan to have 20 files opened a time and used 8M, that's 160MB of memory used. It's really based on your system size and general use case.

Okay, thank you so much for that I'll give it a shot! :slight_smile:

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