Confirming the accuracy of the copied files

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thank you for your time and attention on this matter.

Right now I'm sync'ing directories with Google Drive (using sync combined with --size-only). I got a few errors (500 Internal Server Error) and I assume that rclone resumes the copy (of files that were being copied during these Internal Server Errors) to "fix" potential problems.


Is that assumption correct? And, once the sync is finished, what's the recommended strategy identify files that might have been copied incorrectly (for example, a comparison of MD5 between local and remote files)?

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You can re-run the sync and any files not copied should get copied again. With a single line, it's hard to know why it failed though.

You can use rclone check for this which will compare local MD5 with the drive MD5. Or if you are feeling particularly paranoid and don't mind downloading everything use rclone check --download.

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