Configuring rclone

Just beginning with RClone. I had a trouble configuring Google Drive:

RClone taken from the Fedora repository.

$ rclone config

Then I chose “New remote”, and was asked for name.

I tried entering <my_google_username>, and then chose “10: Google drive”.

Firefox was opened, and produced an error

‘The OAuth client was not found.’

with details


I figured out that something might be wrong with the connection name I chose, and tried <my_google_username> to no avail.

After several more attempts, I chose the name to be “google”, and was authorized successfully.

I did not find anything on the connection name option in the documentation.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

(Edit: this might have something to do with Fedora packages I was missing; see below)

Name is just whatever you want to call the remote.

When you mount the remote or use the remote, you use the name.

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but then why did I get authentication error with all my attempts besides when I chose “google”?..

(Thinking) somewhere in the process, just as a guess, I installed virtually all Fedora’s packages with names oauth in them. (Though I believed this did not help me, I might be wrong)

which additional packages do I need for this authentication to work?

(I have installed
java-oauth liboauth nodejs-oauth* nodejs-passport-oauth* python2-oauth2* python3-oauth2* signon-plugin-oauth2; it was just a guess; I do not know how authentication works…)

What’s your rclone version?

10 / Google Cloud Storage (this is not Google Drive)
\ “google cloud storage”
11 / Google Drive
\ “drive”

I have 11 for Google Drive.

I have version 1.39 from the Fedora 27 updates repository.
Google Drive is #10 for me; (and Google Cloud strorage is #9).

Thank you

That’s a couple versions back. I’d just remove that and just run the install from rclone:

curl | sudo bash

I use Fedora 27 as well and did not install anything extra to setup my GD.

Are .you using your own client_id and secret? Are you using just the autoconfig?

You can use any name you like here - whatever makes sense to you. Typically something like gdrive is what most people use. Then you use it in the command line rclone copy file gdrive:Folder

I would guess that you’ve entered something for client_id and client_secret - you want to leave these blank unless you’ve made your own client id.