Configure SMB share permanently in rclone.conf

Hi everyone,

I'm using rclone v1.57 and I'm syncing files from my local machine to a network share (SMB).
Let's say the share is available under \\Backups\

What works is the simple command

rclone.exe sync [src] //

I now want to configure this network share permanently in the rclone.conf, so that I can refer to it by e.g. "remote_nas:/". I want to do that because I want to add an encryption layer on top of it using the crypt remote rclone offers.
Is there any way to achieve that?
Thanks a lot in advance!
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try using an alias remote

type = alias
remote = //
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Great! That's working. Wasn't aware of the alias remote, even didn't notice it when browsing through the list of backends.
Thank you!
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Is this a Windows only thing? I tried on my mac to connect to an SMB share and it doesn't work like that.

I use it in a script to mount the share and then unmount when I am done but this would be much cleaner.

for the alias remote you tried, can you post the config?

I haven't tried as an alias since it doesn't work directly for me.

$ rclone rclonelsf //username@server/home/username 

But again, I’m on a Mac

not sure about mac, but on linux.

  1. create mount point using smbclient
    sudo mount -t cifs //server/sharename /home/user01/share -o user=user01
  2. create rclone remote
type = alias
remote = /home/user01/source
  1. use the alias
rclone lsf smbshare:
  1. live long and prosper.

That’s more or less what I do. I just thought (but did not expect) there was a direct way

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