Configure google drive with root_folder_id

I configure google drive and connection is ok.
But I want define root_folder_id when I configure rclone options.
Because If I understand, when I accept a token to rclone, he access all my data folder rclone, how limit that ?
I would like the token acces only one folder.
If I configure root_folder_id after authorize token, the access is always configure on all folder I think.
Thanks for your help

one workaround is to lock rclone to a single folder.

type = alias
remote = gdrive:folder

rclone ls gdrive_folder:

ok, I found a solution.
I created a Google service account to configure in Google Cloud Platform.
I did the "rclone config" by selecting "drive", I put the url of the json file in service_account_file.
I shared my drive folder with the email of the created service account.
I changed the configuration with root_folder_id with the folder id.
If I'm not mistaken, this way it is very secure and it is only possible to access the shared folder

Someone can just remove that from the rclone.conf and have full access. Not really a solution imo.

If you have one folder, you'd share the folder with them and they can access it via rclone or whatever tool they want.

I don't think. Because if I delete root_folder_id, the connection work but if I use command rclone list folder, it's empty. If I create a folder, I have not error but nothing it's add in my google drive. I not see anything my google drive.
I use a account service and with this account I only shared my folder in google drive.

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