Configuration for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Roving Edge Device

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I tried configuring a REMOTE for OCI roving edge device. This requires directing API calls not to a region, but to a local device. I tried setting "endpoint" to the local device but this didn't have any effect.

In my config:
endpoint = https://Rover3:8019

But endpoint is ignored and API call is directed to the Oracle endpoint for the region associated with the profile.

For this to work, I need to direct the call to a configurable endpoint such as:


instead of

Run the command 'rclone version' and share the full output of the command.

$ rclone --version
rclone v1.65.0

  • os/version: darwin 14.1.1 (64 bit)
  • os/kernel: 23.1.0 (x86_64)
  • os/type: darwin
  • os/arch: amd64
  • go/version: go1.21.4
  • go/linking: dynamic
  • go/tags: cmount

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure object storage

The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

rclone sync r3:field-data field-data --interactive

Please run 'rclone config redacted' and share the full output. If you get command not found, please make sure to update rclone.

type = oracleobjectstorage
provider = user_principal_auth
namespace = XXX
compartment = XXX
region = us-luke-1
endpoint = https://Rover3:8019
config_profile = RED3

A log from the command that you were trying to run with the -vv flag

Operation Name: ListObjects
Timestamp: 2023-12-08 18:05:23 +0000 GMT
Client Version: Oracle-GoSDK/65.51.0
Request Endpoint: GET

welcome to the forum,

well, you have hardcoded region = us-luke-1 in the config file?
tho, not sure removing that will fix the issue.

I have a region in the config file because, well, rclone config wouldn't let me leave it blank.

I tried removing the "region" line from this profile in rclone.conf and rclone picked up the region from my .oci/config profile. So I commented out region in my .oci/config and rclone reports:

$ rclone sync r3:field-data-collect-to-cloud field-data --interactive
2023/12/08 10:36:50 ERROR : user_principal_auth: failed to create object storage client, can not create client, bad configuration: did not find a proper configuration for region, nor for OCI_REGION env var

rclone really wants a region badly for OCI, but in this case I want to use --endpoint to override any region default endpoint.

the config file is a simple text file, so just edit it.

i see that you are using provider = user_principal_auth and config_profile = RED3
might need to hardcode the config file path using config_file

I did find the rclone.conf and have been trying various changes.

It appears to be picking up changes in the rclone.conf, and also is using .oci/config okay. Not sure what change you are suggesting.

(BTW I have profiles for both RED3 and r3, so while my examples may reference both they are both valid.)

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