Concatenate Path String

I am trying to combine a google drive path to a specific location. I can't figure out the syntax to handle spaces with with google drive location. My code is below.

rclone copy googledrive:Media\Movies\Movie Title -v "F:\Downloads\All Movies"

The space between "Movie and "Title" is causing my code to fail. I tried adding quotation marks but this doesn't seem to work with the "googledrive:" variable in front of the path.

hello and welcom to the forum.
have you tried?
"googledrive:Media\Movies\Movie Title"

Yes, that doesn't work. It reads it all as one string. The "googledrive:" part is not string type.

what is the error message you get?
instead of rclone copy try rclone ls

this is what i do and it works.
rclone.exe ls "wasabieast2:zztest02/first second third fourth"
and this works
rclone.exe ls wasabieast2:zztest02/"first second third fourth"
and this works
rclone.exe ls wasabieast2:"zztest02/first second third fourth"

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