Compare files from two directories, ignoring sub-directories structure

As a user i’d like to be able to compare two directories/backups, ignoring the internal sub directory structure.



==> hash all the files and compare them ignoring the folder structure so that
file1.txt == file1.txt
and file2 was found in DirectoryY but not in DirectoryX

rclone doesn’t have direct support for that…

You could use rclone md5sum (or whatever hash the remote supports) then do a bit of sort and diff - that should work.

so something like

diff <(rclone md5sum /DirectoryX/ | sort) <(rclone md5sum /DirectoryY/ | sort)

thanks. great idea. Does it seem like a good feature request? something that people would like to see as a part of rclone?

I think it is probably a bit niche - I don’t think I’ve heard any other requests for a similar system.

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