Comment line in config-file?

Hey all,

Just a quick question:
Is there a form of comment-line that is safe to use in the rclone config-file?
One that is both ignored by the parser and won't be moved around?

# comment is ignored by the parser at the start of line. I think it will stay in the same position when the config file is loaded and saved by rclone if you put it within a [backend] stanza.


Just to clarify, do you mean:

#Comments go here

[#Comments go here]

This one :slight_smile:

Thanks! Seems to work well.

But that definition basically applies to all lines in the config except for above the first remote then (which is great) :smiley:

The config parser is reasonable about keeping comments, but I seem to remmember it does sometimes move them about...

I haven't done a proper test recently though, but I have comments in [backend] definitions which have been there forever!

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