Command move needs 2 arguments maximum

Hello all,
I would like to hear from everybody on this case…
If I run individual this command, it’s working well…
rclone move /home/backups onedrive:/home/backups --exclude *bk_logs/* -vL --log-file /home/bk_logs/rclone.log

But when executing with a variable, it come up with the error: “Command move needs 2 arguments maximum”
My script:

#! /bin/bash
printf "Moving the old backup file in %s to %s \n" ${SRC} ${DEST}
rclone move ${SRC} ${DEST} -vL --log-file /home/bk_logs/rclone.log

Looking forward to hearing all your advice…

Nuke the space in SRC= /home/backups

Sorry, my mistake… actually, I didn’t have that space in my script…

But I found the issue now, just add “…” of excluding…: --exclude “bk_logs/

It works. Thank you very much!!!


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