Combine rcd and serve options

Good day,

what i need:

serve html - for get ro access to SMB storage for other servers

serve ftp - for get rw access (move/delete) to SMB storage for other servers

web-interface + logs + metrics - for good picture via browser and monitoring

the problem:

it is all working, but seperately :frowning:

rclone --config ./rclone.conf --log-file ./rclone.log --log-level INFO rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-web-gui-update --rc-web-gui-no-open-browser --rc-addr --rc-user rclone --rc-pass *** --rc-enable-metrics
serve ftp local://storage/exchange --addr --user rclone --pass ***
serve http local://storage/exchange --addr --user rclone --pass ***

i need for command, that possible to combine this options

Am i right that combine command is not exist, and i need to start rclone with --rc option, and after that, via API start "serve http" and "serve ftp" ?

Seems, that this is related Add rclone serve WebDAV via the RC and not solved issue on github, but, maybe anyone can show me example, how to add serve options in config file - to load it, at same time, when rcd start.

You can't combine them.

You'd run two service files and just start it up as that's the easiest way.

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