Combine many small files - Remote

How can I make a remote (maybe I can write the code myself) that takes directories with many small files, and ZIPs them into one file?
I am using Google Drive and it takes a long time to upload many small files, but a short time to upload a few big files.

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Have a look at the compress remote.

It is a bit experimental at the moment and definitely can be improved.

There isn't currently remote for that (combining files in one large file) in stable release of rclone. The compress remote does not do that it just compresses file by file, so 1k files becomes 1k of compressed files not 1 or few files. However there might be (If I remember/understand correctly) a zip backend that is very experimental and is not included in rclone now.

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You are right - I misunderstood original requirement.

And indeed zip backend is here - never released and maybe not fully working. But might be a good starting point for further development.


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