Com Hem Cloud (Jottacloud) no longer working


My ISP Com Hem offers an unlimited Jottacloud account for their customers for free and I've been using rclone to access it using the Jottacloud backend without a hitch so far.
The ISP has their own portal for accessing the files through the web and doesn't use the standard Jottacloud website.

Today I decided to upgrade my rclone to the latest version v1.52 since I was still using a rather old 1.4x version and after this I can no longer access Com Hem Cloud with rclone at all.
Seems like the backend switched over to exclusively using the personal login token as authentication after v1.51 but unfortunately Com Hem Cloud doesn't have that feature and still just uses the username and password.

Am I stuck using the older version indefinitely or can Com Hem Cloud be added as a new backend by perhaps adding back the backend for Jottacloud pre version 1.51 and renaming it?


This is probably a question for @buengese ... however

Can you use a personal login token generated on the jottacloud website?

It's not possible to login on the Jottacloud website using the Com Hem Cloud credentials so I can't create a token.

It would probably be best to create an issue on GitHub about this I think.

If you login to your ISPs portal, does it have a Settings "menu"? On my whitelabel provider there is, with a Security section containing a Generate button for personal login token, at url similar to the original jottacloud: https://<myisp>/web/secure.

It has the Settings menu but it doesn't have the personal login token section unfortunately.

This appears to be the same issue as this

I wasn't yet aware of these whitelabel versions. I could probably just re-add the old style login. This does however suprise me quite a bit because the old style login is definetly being deprecated on the main Jottacloud version and the Sky whitelabel version does support it.

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