CloudWatch logs export

After a few times going over the docs and the forum posts didn't find any mention of CloudWatch.
So I'm here to raise it.
We are going to use RCLONE in production, and copy customers' data to our servers, but we want to keep the logs in the cloud, in case the copy will fail or any other issue will raise.
Is there any integration I'm not familiar with to export logs into CloudWatch, if not, here is a feature request :slight_smile:
If someone else is in the same situation, hope you can share how you get the logs and how you store/manage them. :pray:

I'd imagine you'd use prometheus and import that into Cloudwatch.

      --rc-enable-metrics                    Enable prometheus metrics on /metrics

No- that's not it. I have a scheduled job that runs each day at 3 AM and doing copy.
In this case, there is no service running I can remote control. either way - my customers won't expose any port for metric out.
Make myself clear and better - we want to export them to CloudWatch, not import them from CloudWatch.
But thx for the answer, it can make other options available for us :slight_smile:

That's what I was saying, you'd run prometheus and import that into Cloudwatch.

There's quite a few ways to do that.

I'm not sure you mean by 'expose' a port as that normally would run on localhost.

If you want something specific that only does a call out to Cloudwatch to share metrics, that's a new feature and someone would have to pick it up or you'd sponsor the work to get done I'd imagine.

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