Cloudflare R2 mounting issue

i write this command.

rclone mount test-clone:test-r2 r-clone

after running this command when I upload a file from my local machine it reflects on cloudflare r2 but when i upload a file in Cloudflare r2 then it is not reflected in my local machine

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that is correct, as per the rclone docs.
changes made directly on the cloud storage by the web interface or a different copy of rclone will only be picked up once the directory cache expires

how can i check the directory cache
I am using mac.

you accidentally posted in the wrong section
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so, start a new topic using help and support and answer all the questions.

Can any one guide me on this?

guide you on what?

how can I change directory cache time and polling time so that I will get latest file from r2 storage?

can you update this command accordingly?
rclone mount test-clone:test-r2 r-clone

polling is not supported with cloudflare.

Using the --dir-cache-time flag, you can control how long a directory should be considered up to date and not refreshed from the backend

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it works for me
Thanks @asdffdsa


keep in mind, that the shorter the time duration of --dir-cache-time, the more api calls rclone has to make.
and cloudflare charges per api call.

whereas, s3 providers such as idrive and wasabi do not charge for api calls.

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