Cloudflare Access vs self hosted reverse proxy

I am currently using traefik reverse proxy to reach all my services externally like radarr, sonarr etc. A couple weeks back I heard about Cloudflare Access, tried it and I was very surprised how easy it was to set up, and also very easy to manage internal services, you can create web based custom application dashboards and all kinds of things, and it's even free. The main reason I want to switch is so I can utilize the other Cloudflare security services, like geo blocking/Google Oauth MFA. The only reason why I'm hesitating is because I'm not a big fan of just running a proprietary software that is essentially a VPN into my local network.Both for security and integrity reasons. But on the other hand, it can also be even more secure than my current setup. Any thoughts?

Use whatever works best for you.

Depending on what you want and how comfortable you feel, they are are two very different approaches.

Cloudflare access allows you to expose things without exposing them completely to the internet.

A reverse proxy exposes things for the whole internet.

I'd say 'most' people would say you reduce your exposure so the least as possible based on what you are trying to deliver.

Yeah I'm leaning toward making the Switch.. It will probably be more secure using Cloudflare, after all network security/web hosting is what they do. And like you said, it gives me a way to limit access. I also really like the design, a couple of clicks and suddenly you have a nicely designed login portal with Google/Office365 Auth ready to use. Guess I'm just a little paranoid :joy:.

do you have a good howto for it?

fwiw, i use tailscale