Cloud to cloud sync traffic flow


when I would like to copy or sync files from one cloud to another cloud, how does the traffic flow? Is it a direct connection between the clouds or would everything go thru my PC?


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Your PC downloads and upload in memory.

Thanks for your feedback! That’s what I also though. :disappointed:

It can’t work any other way, you could rent a cheap VPS somewhere and use that for doing the task.

I saw this earlier on the forum and it seems to be a rather good option for your task, you probably can’t go cheaper, except maybe running it on your own home machine.


It’s more regarding bandwidth than cost. When you want to move several GBs each week, a private 50/10 Mbit/s SDLS line isn’t an option. Will check for some decent VPS or Dedicated Server then with a good backbone connection.

Therefore i linked a provider that can do this for you, unmetered connection.

There’s also a Swedish provider that I’m a customer at (, they’ve also got unmetered connections.

You also not underestimate 10mbps, thats a bit more then 1MB/s, which is 3.6 GB per hour, if you don’t mind having your computer running you’ll see things move faster then you think.

Anyways, there’s no need to “check” for a decent provider, just take one that’s reasonably priced and stick with it, as long as the connection is unmetered it doesn’t really matter.

You must also remember that most providers don’t charge for inbound traffic, and from what i understand rclone shouldn’t need to reupload data that hasn’t changed, and therefore it’s not as bad as you think.

Right, that makes total sense! Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!

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I have just start migration from Cloud to Another and i clearly have no space on my VPS. And everything works fine

What i have done :

File/from/Folder is mounted on remote 1
File/to/folder is mounted on remote 2

And i use the command “rclone copy File/from/Folder File/to/folder”

Edit : i’m using the “VPS SSD 1” from and it cleary made the job, it runs on Debian 14.04


that’s what I’m doing now as well. I got one of those 3€ bare metal ARM servers with CentOS 7 at Scaleway and started moving stuff the same way as you do which is working just fine.

The only thing is to work a bit with certain values when moving stuff to Amazon CloudDrive:

rclone --checkers 6 --transfers 4 -v copy remote1:folder amazon:folder

works pretty good for me as ACD tends to throw “too many requests” errors otherwise which slows down everything quite a bit.


It probably runs Ubuntu 14.04, just saying :wink:

Exactly ! It would work different on Windows ?

I have an account on this service which I’ve used to go from cloud site to cloud site, you can check it out and see if it fits what you are looking for: otixo

Pricing was a bit aggressive, 50gb isn’t much. Though it looked like a nice service.

i was wondering about the free AWS tier - nano machine. would that cover it, or are there charges for inbound / outbound traffic if over certain amounts