Cloud Storage Provider recommendations

Basically looking for recommendations for an alternative to amazon cloud drive with unlimited storage.

ACD Unlimited is $60/year so something around that would be nice but not firmly tied. I know of the providers out there but not sure what the experiences people have with rclone and those providers. I sometimes have large files in the neighborhood of 22GB (which is why I’m having issues with ACD).

There honestly aren’t many (or any I can think of off the top of my head) that offers unlimited storage for anywhere near the price of Amazon Cloud Drive.

It also depends on how much you’re storing. From your comment, it would appear you’re storing quite a bit of data and if you’re in the multiple terabyte range, your options are incredibly slim.

Google Drive is an option, you can get unlimited for 10$/month by creating a GSuite account (they advertise only 1TB for less than 5 users on the Gsuite account but don’t enforce it and haven’t since its inception).

Other than that, I can’t think of any other storage providers that provide unlimited.

Free Google Drive isn’t unlimited, S3 is costly when you get into higher storage usage, so is b2 from Backblaze,

What kind of issues are you having with Amazon specifically?

Forgot to ask, what are you use cases? Plex, general storage, something else? I have a few Google Drive unlimited accounts and it’s very good and very fast. But right now, can’t really be used with Plex or you’ll get your account banned on a daily basis.

Iam moving daily my plex media server backup to acd and file is already over 40GB not sure why would that be a problem.

Transferred:   25.904 GBytes (110.048 MBytes/s)
Errors:                 0
Checks:                 1
Transferred:            0
Elapsed time:        4m1s
 * ...iaserver-backup-2017-01-31_04-00-01.tar.gz: 21% done, 44.401 MBytes/s, ETA: 15m1s

I have a backup dump that I send each day. It’s 22GB or there abouts. That is the file that stalls.
I send other things as well but this is really the file that gives me grief. This also happens to be the most important file I send over. I need to keep it intact as a file as well.

My current usage is about 3TB or maybe a bit less.

I don’t mind paying a bit more but I really need reliability and paying hundreds a month isn’t an option as I can easily setup a server somewhere and dump to it for that kind of money. I’d prefer not to have a server that I have to maintain but it almost seems that is going to be the option.

Even ignoring the total storage needed, I’d be interested in reliable and consistent results in a provider that can handle 20-30GB files without sputtering into issues.

I don’t have to keep as many copies as I have been on ACD but it really helps to give me flexibility if I need to retrieve data from a few months ago if I ever had the need.

I have thought about upgrading to G Suite unlimited. What’s the history with rclone and lots of files or large files? Haven’t I heard something about 24hr bans and the like?

You shouldn’t get banned with gSuite if you aren’t using Plex. Just the way Plex works is it scans files a lot and if you have a large library it will trigger an automated ban Fromm google.

GSuite if you’re not using Plex is probably your best bet. At $120 a year for unlimited its a great deal. It’s incredibly fast and stable and isn’t temperamental like Amazon can be.

You can pay month to month and there is a trial so why not try it and see?

Hello Robert,

If you are uploading large files, Google Drive should not give you any trouble: I have uploaded a few in the hundreds-of-GBs range with no issues at all, and the official file size limit is currently 5TB.

Google Driver’s weak point is when you have to handle (specially upload, but also scan) a really large number of small files. It won’t let you create more than about 3 files per second… This is making my latest upload (from a volume consisting of about 3TB distributed among ~8M files) take much longer than everything else (~8TB) I’ve uploaded so far.



Awesome. Thanks for the replies everyone. I do not need to scan. I just need to archive large files and keep them there. I also need a scripted method to back them up (thanks rclone!).

Sounds like a G Suite Unlimited should be worth an investment.
I was pumped about ACD and it worked well for quite a while but then I saw the churn of repeated uploads and was bummed.

What kind of repeated uploads ?
You may have a connection problem that googledrive wont solve either.

Hi Ajki,

In my case (I’m not the OP), when I was testing ACD, I saw that uploading large files (anything over 20GB) was very unreliable, and took many retries (which wasted a lot of time and bandwidth). Over a certain size (40GB, I think) the file would simply not upload, no matter how many time I gave it.

I remember checking on the forum and on github, and on rclone’s documentation, and that this was a know issue with ACD. And in fact, after moving to Google Drive, that issue (and a few others, like having no timestamps, and a ridiculously low filename length limit) just went away.