Cloud Backup Advice for a Newbie


This will be a simple question, and I hope some of you will take mercy on the ignorant.


I have a home network with a few terabytes of network shares. A few macs and a Ubuntu machine share the storage. I have access to Google Drive, OneDrive, and ACD, although Google Drive is what I mostly use.

I use Time Machine to take periodic backups of the macs on multiple networked drives [I back up Ubuntu on the networked shares too, but that is not important for this question]. This works fine for my purposes and meets my needs. I control the backups and networked shares through AppleScript.

I would like to make a cloud copy of my TimeMachine backups periodically [probably every third or so] in case something happens to my house, Heaven forfend.

Can I just use rclone to copy the various TimeMachine backups [sparsebundles, etc.] to Google Drive? If I copy those files to Google Drive using rclone, are they all synced back to my local machine? Does this seem a reasonable approach?

Thanks for your counsel.