Clone an Encrypted Google Drive Mount?

Okay so I have my Google Drive mounted to my main system through an encrypted drive which is stored on the Google Drive (sorry if that sounds complicated if further clarification is needed I'll try to explain it a different way). But I would like to clone this to an additional system so I can access my encrypted content. Is there a config that I need to copy over or do I have to go through the process of remaking the mount on the other system. This is really important as I have a lot of data on the drive that is encrypted and I want to make sure I have access to it.

You can just copypaste the relevant section of the rclone.conf file (specifically the "drive" and "crypt" sections used for this Gdrive).

The most important bit is that you keep the encryption password, which you will do by just copy-pasting the config. The rest would be pretty trivial to set up again anyway.
Note: Because the password stored in config file is obscured you must not try inputting the already obscured password in the config into the rclone config menu. This would be double-obscured and not work. Either:

  • Copy and paste from one config to the other
  • Re-setup the key using the original password (not the same as the obscured password stored in the config).

The only thing you will probably still have to do is to re-authenticate (assuming you use default Oauth which you probably do). The easiest thing to do is just to copy-paste from config-file to config-file and then run rclone config, edit the existing (copypasted) Gdrive remote and keep all settings as-is except perform the authentication step. then it will be good to go.

Let me know if you need further details on instructions.

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