Clipping long filenames

I'm getting errors saying that path is too long when moving to a OneDrive remote and using crypt layer might've been the cause. Now, I can make a Python script to automatically rename these long filenames, but I'm wondering if there's a nicer way to do it using RClone.

depending on your configuration might be some better ways indeed. But nobody can guess what your settings are.

Search forum for similar subject - there are plenty of posts:)

Hello again kapitainsky :slight_smile:

I think settings are irrelevant in this case since I'm asking about a general feature. There are indeed plenty of posts, such as this and this, but none leads to useful result. The former proposes to create a virtual backend to truncate long filenames while the latter proposes a remote database for the long filenames.

Since RClone doesn't support mass rename feature, my current solution is to use a custom Python/shell script to rename the offending files, though it'd be nice to have a native filename truncating support so I don't have to rewrite this on every machine I run RClone on.

Before you go truncating path make sure that you use optimal crypt names encoding as differences for different settings can be massive.

What is you max path length?

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