Clients losing connection to file on mounted gdrive


I’m experiencing similar issues to an old topic Plex losing connection to the file on mounted gdrive

Curious if a reverse proxy is still there answer or if a new resolution has been found. I’ll lay out my specific details.

Dedicated ubuntu 18.04, 1gb down, 256meg up. Configuration mostly out of box PGBlitz.
RClone = v1.46

My client is Nvidia Shield and i’ve validated this issue occurs on both emby and plex. Both are currently excluded from the traefik reverse proxy pgblitz utilizes. No transcoding is being performed.

Experienced this on a variety of file types and different videos. Occurrences are random and can occasionally watch hours without issue and then randomly i’ll have 2 or 3 drops within 30 mins. With the shield, i’m able to rewind 15 second and have it resume but as you will see from the logs, it definitely releases the filestream. Configs posted along with but i haven’t tweaked pgblitz’s defaults much.

Here are the configs and logs of the events. I show a little extra data from when I rewind the file 15 seconds and it resumes.

You mentioned previously this issue appeared client based and didn’t play nice with these files in the cloud. I can confirm the issue doesn’t occur when the files are hosted on the server itself vs gdrive.

What steps can I take to stabilize connectivity with these cloud files? Any options on the rclone side?

Let me know if I need to trim back the logs or I am missing any important data on this question.


If the player is opening and closing connections repeatedly, you probably want to turn off direct play and try that. Rclone itself doesn’t do anything in terms of keeping files open as that’s all up to the player.

If none of that works, you can always try to the cache backend which handles that better as it keeps local copies of the chunks.

I can give cached an attempt. Transcoding is not something I would like to enter into for playback.

You mentioned in that previous link that utilizing a proxy like caddy might also be a resolution for this.

That still true?

It doesn’t transcode, it direct plays which is pretty much a non hit.

You can always give Caddy a shot as well and see if that helps.

Thanks, I guess I’ve misunderstood direct play and i’ll start with that tweak and see how things go from there.

Much appreciated!

Sorry as I had a typo.

If you turn off Direct Play, it “Direct Streams” which is very small CPU hit and should not be bad.

Yea i’m going to give it a test. What I just read is that technically anything that isn’t direct play is going to be transcoded but my hope is that its a very light/minimal amount of processing that doesn’t mess with bitrate, etc. I’ll test this evening and report back.

Plex can:

Direct Play - This is no change and the file is played without any processing at all as it’s 100% compatible on the client
Direct Stream - This just repackages the container as it uses the same video/audio so no video loss.

If neither of those work, it transcodes which means it converts the video and audio to a format the client can use. Direct play != Transcoding.

I’m in total agreement thats an the option for me to try and I also agree that it likely won’t have any performance impact as its a super light transcoding. Your helping me out so i’m nothing but appreciative but in the interest of showing you what I was referring to here is also this snippet from that article.

if playbackType != “DirectPlay”
video == “transcoded”

Thanks again for the help though. The tip to test utilizing direct stream could absolutely be the answer I need.

I think you are confused as to what I’m saying.

In Plex, there are 3 things.
Direct Play, Direct Stream, Transcode.
If you turn off Direct Play, you’ll get a direct stream. A direct stream is ‘transcode’ but it’s only remuxing the container and keeping the video and audio the same.

Example of Direct Play:


If you Direct Stream. you get the same video and audio track not transcoded.


If you Transcode, you get:

So out of the 3 settings, you have Direct Play, Direct Stream and Transcoding. It’s important to note you are not transcoding the video or audio when you direct play as it’s just remuxing the container which in turn is a lower case ‘transcode’.

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