Clearing directories in VFS cache dir

Hi All

I am using "-vfs-cache-mode writes" and manually specify a VFS cache directory using "--cache-dir=XX", as well as cache amx age of 30 minutes using "--vfs-cache-max-age 30m".

As expected, after 30 minutes, files created/written to the mount get deleted from the specified cache directory, but the actual created directories remain in the XX/vfs cache directory.

Is this expected behavior? i.e files get removed/purged from the cache but the not the direectories?



It is harmless, but we made an issue to fix here

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Awesome, thx for the quick reply!

i will manually delete the content of the cache folder when restarting rclone mount, for the time being.

When you restart rclone it will remove all empty directories. The files it leaves as they might be useful.

interesting. I restart rclone via a stop/start systemd script (where the stop partt is using fusermount -u to unmount the mouted folder). Is there a better way to do this, so that the cache folder's directory gets emptied?

Do you want the cache folder completely gone? If so you'll have to remove it yourself as rclone will only tidy it up.

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