Chomikuj server


I´ve seen that was mentioned before, but no documentation was given. It seems "Grycek" implemented a client for downloading/uploading files from/to on python:

Would it be possible to add it? Using RClone as Chomikbox would be amazing.

Thanks, Best Regards

hello and welcome to the forum,

  • does Chomikuj has a published API?
  • does Chomikuj have an english website?
  • have you tried the python client?

Hello, and thanks for welcoming me to the forum:

No, it does not have a published API
It does not have an english website, but translators work perfectly on it
Yes, i tried the python client and worked for me for uploading files from a linux VM i have

There is also this "3rd party API"

without a documented published API, how could rclone reliably support Chomikuj?

have you contacted Chomikuj and asked them to publish their API?

No, I did not contact them, But I will try. Sorry.

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