Check md5 or sha1 from updated files in amazon drive

Hi all

I’m updating around 20 tb to amazon drive and I’m using the official amazon app to do it. Obviously the structure in amazon drive could be more efficiently and I need to restructure files and folders.

To check if everything is ok, I would like to check md5, sha1 or crc to check if everything is ok, but I can’t do it… I can list all files with
rclone ls remote: >>testfile.txt
This list all files and sizes, It’s perfect
But now, I’ll try to get a hash and I’m not sure how to do it, I’ve tried things like that
rclone ls remote: --checksum >>testfile.txt
rclone ls --checksum remote: >>testfile.txt
rclone ls -c remote: >>testfile.txt

How can I list a checksum from all my files?

Thanks in advance


Let me understand: what is in the ACD is a replica of some HD, volume, folder on your local PC, server, NAS, etc. or not?
I mean not on files, but the structure!

If it is a real mirror, then you can use rclone check command
If it is not, then try the rclone md5sum (assuming your remote files are not encrypted)

Maybe I did not understand your question…

Amazon stores MD5 sums so I think you want

rclone md5sum remote:

As @sonus.faber said you can use rclone check to check a local directory against a remote directory.


I’m ofuscated with the ls command. Yeah! this is tan I need

I’ve discovered recently this utility and seems very interesting, I’m not sure if when you’re updating information to the cloud, some files fails and need to be check, but now I can check it.

As I can see the md5 is stored in amazon and you can get this information, sha1 is not stored by amazon as I can see.

Other options like check could be very interesting after update.

Thank you so much for the information