Check command outputs 'XX hashes could not be checked'

I’m getting the previous output message when trying to check my remote encrypted b2 backup. The number of files XX is pretty high, so I feel a bit uneasy about the integrity of my backup given I can’t seem to check it. Is there a workaround for this problem or maybe a different way to check the validity of an encrypted remote backup?


I think you want this option - subscribe to the issue to get updates!

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I am wondering how this would work in practice, would it be necessary to download the entire backup and calculate hashes? This solution would be undesirable in terms of time and costs, b2 storage is quite pricey when it comes to downloads :frowning:

Yes that solution is download everything to check.

The alternative would be this issue: which would fix the problem in a different way and increase security.