Cheapest Possible Cloud Storage/Backup Service that is compatible with rclone


I am from a developing country. Even $10 a month is quite a lot of money for most people in my country.

I would like to know what are the cheapest possible cloud storage/backup solutions that are compatible with rclone?

The cheapest that I found is Onedrive/Office 365, which gives 6 TB of space per year for $72 a year (when you convert the price of the service in my currency to USD).

I just want to backup data in an encrypted format. That's it. I don't require constant syncing between my computer and the server. Just want to create a backup.

Thanks for any help

How much storage you need?

Hello I need Atleast 3 tb of data storage. I can also somehow manage with 1 tb. Whatever is cheap. Thanks

Do you plan to share those data with public or just keep to yourself?

No sharing. All private. Thanks

Office/Microsoft 365 Home in Russia. Easily the cheapest option for your amount of storage.