Changing OAuth from Internal to External / Testing

Due to the recent OAuth changes I'm about to change one of my projects from INTERNAL to EXTERNAL and Testing. I have several servers running the latest version of Rclone which are already connected and authorized to this project. Will changing from internal to external/testing disconnect those mounts or cause me to have to re-initialize?

I guess you mean Google Drive?

Why are you changing from internal to external?

Sorry I should have clarified it was google drive. When trying to setup a new remote I'm getting an OOB error. I was told that changing the project from internal to external and testing will get around this as the recent changes to OAuth only apply to Projects in production.

That doesn't sound right at all.

That's generally why we ask for the help and support template.

What version are you running?
What error are you getting?
What does your rclone.conf look like without the secrets/keys listed?

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