Changing Folder Commands with encrypted folder names

My initial rclone setup is working fine but I need to get more granular on my commands for bandwidth flexibility.

Initial command:

rclone sync /Test/Backup Bucket:Backup

This worked great, except using "Backup" as a catch all folder resulted in a size causing me to bump my ISP data cap. So now I want to get more granular with the commands but am trying to not have to reupload everything.

The folder structure example (forgive my horrid formatting):

Backup/Folder 1
Backup/Folder 2/Folder 2A
Backup/Folder 2/Folder 2B
Backup/Folder 3

I would now like to make my command:

rclone sync /Test/Backup/Folder 1
rclone sync /Test/Backup/Folder2/Folder 2A

You get the idea.

The files and folder names are encrypted through Rclone. Can I make the new command:

rclone sync /Test/Backup/Folder 1 Bucket:Folder 1

Will that work? Or do I use the encrypted folder name? Or wipe it and start over?

Yes that will work fine.

If you want to move stuff around the easiest way of doing it is using rclone mount - it looks like ou don't need to though as long as you are happy with the existing hierarchy.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I would use the plain text name of "Folder 1" in the command, correct? Now the wild encrypted name since Rclone will figure that out on its own?

I am using Rclone to sync a NAS for backup purposes only and so far it has been great. I just underestimated my storage amount in the beginning (and a single folder was so much easier to command).

Yes, rclone will figure out the encrypted name.

That is the trouble with storage, you never have enough!

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